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Squash (Winter) - Long Island Cheese

Title: Sampler Pack (Appx. 15 seeds) - $1.99
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Page 822ba149 2795 40a5 bab6 8ffef6cd75e2 grandeSquash (Winter), Long Island Cheese (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • The Long Island Cheese squash plant produces excellent yields of 10 pound squash resembling a wheel of cheese.

    - Grows as a vine (not as a bush)

    - Popular heirloom variety passed down for many generations

    - The orange flesh is very sweet and can be used for making pie during the autumn months

    - Widely grown by people all across New York and New Jersey
  • Day to Maturity | 100 days
  • Best Months to Plant  |  [March - June]  Winter squash love the sun and can't get enough of it. They need about 3 months of warm temperature and one additional month of cooler temps to fully mature.

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