All-in-One SAVE THE BEES! Garden Variety Pack

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NEW!  All-in-One SAVE THE BEES! Garden Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 15 most popular varieties which we have found bees seem to really be attracted to their flowers. 

Are you interested in learning more about what you can do to to help save the bees? Most gardeners start at home by making small changes to their gardens and landscapes but the rewards are anything but small. They are able to invite a larger bee population into their gardens which is good for everyone! Gardeners may experience better pollination with their fruits and vegetables, and the bees have a safe haven to come, feed, and pollinate. Read more about "How To Start a Bee Friendly Garden", here!

Plant these seeds in your garden to attract bees, naturally!   Seeds are all individually packaged. 

Basil, Greek  

Ocimum basilicum. Annual plant. Produces fragrant small green basil leaves with beautiful flowers. Can be grown indoors in containers. Very easy to grow. Extremely powerful smell.  You will love this variety.

Bean, Purple Podded The beautiful flowers will surely please both you and the bees! Trellis this variety well and give it plenty of room to run! Produces beautiful and delicious purple podded beans appx. 6" long.   - Stringless.  Pole/vining growth. 
Borage Borage is a special "honey plant". It is often grown nearby apiaries to provide food for developing young bees and for honey collection, too.

Dandelions will often start flowering anywhere from March to May. This is when many bees and other pollinators emerge from hibernation. Each flower is packed with nectar and pollen which provides food for our bees. 

Cardoon (Artichoke Thistle)

Cardoons or Artichoke Thistles, are one of the most beautiful ornamental plants you can grow, and few plants are more attractive to bees.


Bees absolutely love Catnip. You'll find your plants will be swarming with them! 

Cucumber, Lemon

Bees really enjoy cucumber plants. This variety is great because each plant will have quite a few flowers with a good bit of nectar in each. 


Dill is a widely used herb that has a delicate flavor. It's extremely versatile. Allow it to flower, and you'll have plenty of bees swarming happily around your garden.


Fennel pollen can be harvested from the tiny flowers, which can easily be grown in the garden by letting your plants go to seed. Bees and other pollinating insects both like fennel - so every one wins!

Honey Scatter Garden Wildflower Mix

Plant this mix of wildflowers to attract beneficial pollinatora! 

Lemon Mint

This flower is a "pollinator star" species! It is attractive to both native bees and butterflies.


Nothing is more attractive to honeybees than the culinary oregano!

Pumpkin, Wee Be Little

Pumpkin pollen is usually large and quite sticky. Bees tend to be the best pollinators.


Plant this close to other flowering shrubs and you'll be surprised with how many bees stop by to visit!

Squash, Delicata

Male "squash-bees" will be busy going between flowers searching for mates. Females forage at the flowers of squash plants, which are their source for pollen.

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