What is Diatomaceous Earth (DE)? How does it work as an Insect / Pest Repellent in the garden?

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a naturally occurring soft sedimentary rock that is crumbled into a fine white powder.

How does DE work in your garden? 

  • It works at killing insects because the microscopic particles are very sharp and as an insect crawls over it, it gets cut.

  • It also can stick to the insect causing it to dry out.

  • It is very effective against slugs, beetles, worms, fleas, mites, spiders, and MORE!

  • It is completely NON-TOXIC!  Why?  Because it harms insects physically, and not chemically. It is very safe for your garden.

💡IMPORTANT: Please remember to wear a mask as to avoid breathing in the tiny dust particles.

Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth in your garden?

Learn more about ORGANIC PEST CONTROL here:

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