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Shallot (sets) - Dutch Yellow

Title: Sampler Pack (appx. 3 sets)
Sale price$2.99

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Quick Overview:

  • Easy to grow
  • Best time to plant is in the Fall (Sept. - Nov.)
  • Excellent keeper
  • Creamy yellow flesh
  • High yielding

Variety Details:

Durable copper skin and creamy yellow flesh. Uniform in size and excellent keeper. Tender and spicy, with a pungent raw flavor that mellows and sweetens but still retains character when cooked. High yielding. Contains potassium and vitamins A, B-6 and C

How to Plant:

Plant the pointy side of the shallot facing up with no more than 1/4" of soil covering the shallot. Make sure your have 7-8 inches of soil to allow the roots to grow freely.

Note: Each shallot can typically yield about 5-10 shallots per harvest. 

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